5 08 2008

An attractive single woman in one of my focus groups told me a storey that illustrates a common problem singles face with non-single people in their lives. She formerly attended a church in her hometown where she had grown up before coming to our church in the city. She loved her congregation; it was home to her. But for whatever reason the church had no Sunday school class for singles or career people. In order to attend Sunday school, which she had done all her life, her only option was a class of married women taught by her pastor’s wife.

One Sunday she didn’t feel really well, so she decided to attend only the Sunday morning service and skip Sunday school. When she arrived at the church for the service, the pastor’s wife came up t her and said “Oh, I’m sorry you weren’t in Sunday school today; we really missed you.” My friend first thought she was simply missed, but her teacher wend ton to say, “I was hoping you’d be there today because I knew you could really contribute to the lesson. We talked about loneliness.”

Dr Quak Quak

14 05 2007

I never thought that stupid doctors do exist, doctors who are there for money. I had this shitty experience with a doctor at Casa Medica, a clinic at SM southmall where I had such an irritating experience. I was there at about 9:30 am thinking that the mall would open at 10 am but to my surprise, since it was election day they decided to get the mall working at 12nn. I tried to drive to alabang at another clinic called tokyo health link however they would start their work by 1 pm with no other choice I went back to SM southmall and started waiting in vain. It was boring, hot and I felt that I really need to urinate at that time so I tried to look for a place where I can do my thing and landed on a gasoline station. I was relieved and decided to buy a mercury thermometer so that I could check on my temperature and there it was at 38 degrees. After a long period of wait, the mall finally opened it’s doors and then I rushed to the clinic. I was sent to look for Dr. Quak Quak and I was accomodated by him. I told him my concerns that I’ve been having fever for three days already and was diagnosed with uti the week before, he asked to me to have a urinalysis for the second time since I already had it the week before. With the way he speak I wouldn’t say that he is a realiable doctor, he doesn’t entertain the questions that I have or statements that I say he just wants you to listen to what he wants to say. The urinalysis result came out high at about 30-40 and he said that it’s enough to cause my fever. The check was almost over and I asked him to give me a medical certificate which he did however he didn’t indicate anything such as number of days that I need to rest so I asked him if ever he could do so. The doctor was hesitant and said “whatelse do you want? this is already a medical certificate?” he was dumb and all that, I told him that I need to have a speciefic number of days that I could rest and recuperate since I’m having fever, he should know that having a fever that reoccurs is not a healthy sign, then he took the med cert and wrote “may rest today”. Stupid doctor he is! Something is wrong with me since the fever won’t come off and will overnight rest do the thing? Actually it’s not an overnight since I was not able to come to work today which was 1:00 am then his today would mean that I need to go back to work at 1:00 am for tuesday shift!! how stupid can he be? I didn’t even had the time to rest alot since I needed to get a medical certificate from him. Still a bit irritated with what he has done I went out of the clinic and proceded to the drug store to buy the antibiotics and get meds for the fever. However, I wasn’t really glad with what he has done, it’s me who’s gonna suffer since I still need to go back the following day to get a medical certificate! how will I recover? I decided to go back to the clinic and have him write days that I need to rest. I told him that I really need to have number of days to rest since I am having a fever, he resisted and said “hindi ko pwedeng gawin yun kasi hindi ko alam kung ano ang mangyayari sa’yo bukas” hellooooo??? doctor!! naririnig mo ba yang sinasaabi mo?? what the hell is he saying na hindi niya alam ang mangyayari sa akin bukas? the fact that I told him that my fever is recurring so that would mean that there will still be a tendency that my fever will still be there on the following day! He was really getting into my nerves and I said “so ano po yun kailangan ko pumunta dito araw araw?” (that was how he made it sound like) then he got a bit irritated, he took off his glasses and said “hwag kang pilosopo! matagal na akong doctor, hindi ka pa pinapanganak doctor na ako, puti na nga ang buhok ko kaya wag mo akong pipilosopohin” hahaha… struck his pride and ego!! If he had been doing his job right and if he was thinking of my health not of money then he could have not heared those things from me! Kesyo makiusap daw ako hindi yung inaunder ko daw sya, kesyo wala daw siyang pakialam kung yun ang policy ng office na maglagay ng number of days hindi na daw niya problema yun etc etc… Makiusap??? then what was I doing before I got irritated? hindi ba pakikiusap yun?? What does he want? mag pacute ako sa kanya? diba? makasarili!! nakakainis!! I even told him earlier that I’ve been having fever for days then when I said that the third time it was like he just heard it the first time! I said “nilalagnat po ako, umabot na ho ng 39 yung lagnat ko ngayon kakayanin po ba ng isang araw yun?” (the fact that something is wrong with me since the fever won’t come off) then he asked me to go to the nurse station and have my temperature taken then. When I got to the nurse’s station another irritating experience happened, I told them that the doctor needs my temperature sicne I was having a fever then the stupid nurse took a digital thermometer w/c was not an accurate one and used it to get my temperature and to my surprise my temp was at 37.5 and that was so impossible because I just had my temperature taken a couple of min ago and it was on 39 degrees. I was really irritated of what has been happening and so I didn’t argue anymore, I felt so tired and weak. I just left the damn clinic and said to myself that I would never go back to that clinic ever!!

To everyone, if you were used to getting professional help from Casa Medica at SM southmall, think twice… there are unreliable people there and if your doctor is mr quak quak o itago nlang natin sya sa pangalang DR. JAIME DURAN… hay nako maghanap nalang kayo ng ibang doctor.

Mag flush ka naman!

20 03 2007

Haaayyy… I don’t know what’s wrong with the girls in our company, hindi ko alam kung alam nila ang word na etiquette. I usually go to the ladies’ room since I had a history of urinary tract infection so hindi ko pwedeng pigilan ang pagdaloy ng kalikasan. Everytime that I visit the little girl’s room I always end up in a cubicle which has a surprise! Isipin niyo nalang kung ano yung surprise! Ok sige sasabihin ko na nga, it’s either a pupi or an unflushed wiwi with drippings on the toilet seat! eeeewwww…. I don’t know what’s the problem with those girls! Are they so much in a hurry to get back to taking calls that’s why they forget to flush? Mahiya naman sana sila sa next na gagamit! It’s actually a given fact that the toilet doesn’t flush that fast but I hope that they extended an effort to flush it properly! Hindi yung iiwanan lang nila dun yun! It happens alot of times that whenever I go and pi I always see cubicles with unflushed wiwi or wiwi drippings on the toilet seat or on the floor! kadiri naman diba? So what’s the use of having tissues dun diba if you’re not gonna wipe that dripping or your “thing” with it! Another scenario that I’d like to mention would be those people who step on toilet seats whenever they urinate. Ay nako! maraming ganyan sa mga malls! Take SM as an example, hindi naman ako madalas makaexprerince ng ganun siguro paminsan minsan lang pero you just can’t help but think about it sometimes, why do they do that? kasi nandidiri sila sa toilet seat kasi madumi? ganun? halllerrr!! then why don’t they just squat diba? as in hwag nalang nilang pasayarin yung butt nila sa seat kung nandidiri sila diba? So paano nalang yung susunod sa kanila mag CR kung pagkatapos nilang gamitin yung cr e puro putik ng sapatos nila yung nasa seat! edi kwawa naman yung gagamit after nila? e paano nalang kung sakto lang yung tissue nilang pangpunas para sa pe*k 2x nila? Kainis diba?

Yung sa pupi, I would never forget my experience with a pupi in that company. I was in a hurry because I thought I was late for class but luckily hindi pa pala. At that time, my body of water was screaming “let me out!” so I rushed to that place where I could set it free. As I entered I smelled something… a pupi scent and I said to myself “ang baho naman!”. Since I was in a hurry I chose to get into the second cubicle and started my thing, it felt so relaxing and I was so relieved. As I was doing my thing, reacted and said “ang baho naman! siguro hindi nagflush yun” after I said that I realized the scent was getting stronger… parang nasa paligid lang sya! Well, since nagmamadali nga ako, I did what I had to do with the tissue and pulled up my pants. I turned around and as I was on the act of flushing, I was surprised to see nature’s gift literally napa “ngek!” talaga ako. Kaya naman pala mabaho at habang tumatagal e naaamoy ko e yung cubicle pala na napuntahan ko e nandun ang surprise! Kakaloka! So ano pang magagawa ko diba? edi I flushed it. Ang swerte naman ng susunod na gagamit nun! it’s all flushed out! Hmp!

Nakakainis! para sa mga guilty, sana naman take on consideration naman yung mga susunod na gagamit! show your etiquette naman! At para sa mga nagpupupu, para hindi masyadong mabaho flush it everytime na may babagsak! effective yun!! heheheheh…

Petiks mode

19 03 2007

Today’s the start of the week and I had a hard time sleeping yesterday coz it was considered as weekend. I came to work a bit in a hurry since I need to look for a space to park our family’s little red car and I felt sleepy. We didn’t have much to do at work since it’s the last week of our training since we seem to have discussed everything that we need to know but ofcourse you’ll learn more once you hit the floor. Everybody was pulling up the system that we needed to use but mine wasn’t working for some reason and our trainer told me that I may need to call the help desk which is in a foreign country who has a funny accent. I tried calling the help desk three times but none of the passwords that they told me work and it’s making me irritated since I want to explore that system. We had our lunch and we had the chance to talk about things under the sun and people in the room which is somehow an everyday issue. When I came back to try the passwords that were given to me, I noticed that there seem to have been a problem with my system because it’s replacing the password that I’ve typed in… what a mess! How can I use this system on the floor if it has a problem? Should I not go to the floor without this system?… haaayyy…. how sad…

In my shoes

18 03 2007

Haayy… It’s hard to have such generation gap between you and your parents. I’m an only child and my parents are both senior citizens, I don’t know what would your reactions be if I’d go on further. I just got home from a friend’s birthday party somewhere within our city and once I got home my mom never stopped nagging, it was 10:00 pm. We don’t have any helper kasi parang malas kami sa katulong it’s either they steal, they squeal or they’re sick that’s why my mom wouldn’t want to get a helper. My mom is about 67 yrs old and still strong while my dad is 75 with parkinson’s disease and thank God that it’s not that bad coz he can still walk and he doesn’t tremble and as for me I’m an only child 25 yrs old who works in a call center who want’s to release stress by enjoying the single life and while I can still do so. However since we don’t have any helper and my mom claims that she can still do the house chores better than any other helper and thinks that same things will happen if she’d get one she tries to do things by herself and also expect me to do part of the chores. Yes, I admit that I’m somehow a lazy person who’d just do chores whenever I feel like doing it but since I’m not getting any younger I also want to enjoy life and have a chance to meet other peopleI guess what I want to have is “my guy” someone who’d be a father to my future kids. I’m not the type of girl who takes advantage of every guy that comes along their way, I see to it that before I do accept someone’s courtship I need to atleast feel that “magic feeling” or I should really feel something for that person that could grow to love. Sometimes I feel that this generation gap that my parents and I have is something that hinders me from meeting that man since I’m always at home taking care of my dad and trying to house chores just for the sake of not making my mom nag. My everyday life is just work and home, I don’t have any other extra curricular activities which sometimes makes me feel bored and life is so repettive. Sometimes, I wait for some of my friends to logout from taking calls and ask them to have brunch at Mcdo or in a mall so that we could bond and have some chitchats which sometimes would lead to watching movies. I just do all that so as I could unwind and hang out with them since I miss their company because being around the people I’m with in my new job irritates me (those who are on the left part of the room facing the board). Well, I do understand when my mom opens her machine gun like mouth whenever she gets mad because I know that I do get out of hand at times since I sometimes hang out with my friends for three to four consecutive days. My mom is still my mom and she’s just concerned of my health since there was a news on tv that a call center rep who’s been on the floor for about three months died because of stress. I understand that she’s not getting any younger and wants to have more help in doing things in the house since I also have a sick dad who keeps her up every night because of some complaints such as he’s hungry or just for the sake of he can’t sleep and wants to have someone to talk to. Sometimes I want to give my mom a treat in a restaurant or in a mall but sad to say we couldn’t do so since my dad wouldn’t want to go places because he feels embarassed of his condition and we don’t have anybody who would look after him.

If God had only asked me to choose my parents I would still choose them but I wouldn’t want to be a menopausal baby again and wouldn’t have my dad have that sickness so that he wouldn’t need to suffer.

Shoot… now you guys know my story… it’s embarrassing. I’m not desperate ok? =)

Classroom 101

18 03 2007

It’s been three weeks or so that I’ve been around people I don’t know that much but all I could say is I know who to befriend and who not to. I’m actually the type of person who choose people to hang out with, it’s not that I’m a picky person but it’s because in a way I know who’s gonna be a bad influence or who would be future back stabbers or whatever. We’ve been in this call center training somewhere in the south and you’d really see diffrent types of people in our class. I actually notice that the class is somehow divided in two the sensitive and quiet people and the insensitive, backstabbers and noisy people, yes… that’s how they are. It was a very good decision that I didn’t choose to be one of them and my instincts were correct that they wouldn’t be such good people to hang out with. Well, to elaborate, you’d see them laughing together, hangging out together, having lunch in a long table chatting but in the end you’d hear them saying something negative about someone from their group but when that person is around they pretend and give that person a big smile. I just hate that so much! “Plastics!”

Another thing that irritates me in class is Mr. Gwapito, oops.. hindi nga pala sya thing but he looks like one because “he’s just there.” He’s the type of guy who you’d have a crush on the first time you’d see him, but sad to say he’s such an “Ampao” (yung pagkain ng chinese na puro sesame seeds sa labas at pagkinagat mo walang laman sa loob), he’s like that… sorry but that’s how I could describe him. It’s so irritating seeing him in class, it’s like he’s there but not at all. A category that irritates me aside from “maaarte’s” are pretty girls or good looking guys who doesn’t know what education means, in other words boplaks or mga tamad mag-aral (since wala naman talagang taong bobo). I remember this classmate of mine in college who comes to class just to show off her beautiful face, then our professor Sir Jie asked us to bring an index card but she didn’t have one abruptedly our professor asked her to go out of the class and said “ano? papasok ka lang para magpaganda dito?.” I hate it when he would sit beside me and have chat whenever the class is going on, then he would say that he’s afraid of getting a low score in the assessment? hallllerrr!!! then better do something about it! Actually I’m a bit confused, first time I saw him I said to myself “Ay! bading to” because he’s always wearing coats of diffrent colors and his hair-do that never change then you’d say “Ay! bagong gising?” the only thing that he forgot to wear are those pointed boots that most of the gay fashionistas are wearing. Speaking of bagong gising, that’s how he looks like everyday, I don’t know if he’s taking marijuana or he really sleeps late but it seems like he’s always not himself and to garnish everything he’s always having that chismax time with his buddy Abdulah. Yes… Mr. Abdulah another person who’s also a topic of our circle of friends’ conversation, a mix breed who’s ancestors came from the land of spices and onion scented armpits not to mention having extacy as their multi vitamins because of their natural sex urge which is always on it’s maximum level. I’m not saying that he stinks coz he doesn’t but it’s a known trait for their race and some of the ofw’s that I’ve known they also describe them as airheads which he is quite guilty of. Mr. Abdulah would always say that he’s a mature person blah blah blah when what we see and hear from him just proves that he isn’t. Mr. Gwapito is his vent, whenever he has issues in class like if he gets mad at someone he would always say it to him in a loud voice! Is he intentionally saying that so as the person could hear his complaints? Then if you’re a mature person like what you are saying then why don’t you talk to that person and have it settled with? Diba?? Whenever he talks he would say “ako kasi ganito ako eh…” it sounds like his trying to tell the person he’s nice and trying to fish for some compliment. He even felt sorry for himself that no female in the class had a crush on him! how pathetic. A sign of having low self esteem or having too much of it.

Our class consist of diffrent types of noisy individuals who are more often than not insensitive, there are those I would call tsisbacks (tsismosas and backstabbers combined), an IT not Information Technology but IT as in walang kasarian a boy who wanted to become a girl and had injected jellies on it’s chest to make it as big as the papaya, a bibo kid who’s jokes are sometimes weird (but he’s ok), herbert (aka) the boy who never talks but now he has learned how to and now we wish he didn’t learn how, judy anne (aka) herbert’s seatmate who’s always mad and a whole lot more. I like those people seating on the right side facing the board the ones on the 1st to the 4th row. It’s sometimes good to follow your instincts in choosing friends.

Our class… funny in a certain way but irritating most of the time.


10 03 2007

Spartans!!! Awu! Awu! hehehe… that’s what my friends and I were saying after we watched the film yesterday and I didn’t get any sleep yet. The movie was all about how King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan men fought to death against the massive Persian army. The film ran for about 1hr and 30mins I think but it wasn’t a Lord of the Rings type of movie that lasted for more than 2 hours. Although the film was so much enhanced using the computer because of it’s bright and vivid colors I would say that it was a good film. The story wasn’t long and it focused more on how the Spartans fought, their tactics and most of all their pride as spartans who never gives up a fight. It’s a PG film since there’s too much violence such as arms, legs, heads and blood all around the place and things that a child should not see like breasts, butt and a not quite ovious bed scene. If I would rate the film, I would give it 4 1/2 tickets (nothing’s perfect). Prepare for glory!!

I would say I did enjoy the film yesterday but the sad part was I was late for work. If my co-trainee hadn’t called me on my landline I wouldn’t woke up and may not be able to come to work. I was so embarassed with my trainer but good thing is he was still nice and said that it’s fine and another thing is I decided to tell him the truth about what happened because before I was able to really explain he said “the moment you came in, I realized na kakagising mo lang!” hehehe… looks can tell.